CTI Afrique logo The "Compagnie des Travaux et Ingénierie" has been created in order to provide realist solutions according to the environment african companies face everyday.
The CTI Afrique is also available for private citizens with a goal in mind.

What are our main focuses ?


Small dam, watercourses, boreholes, irrigation, water quality or sanitary engineering are some examples of the services that our company can provide.


We are able to achieve all kind of solar and electric (low voltage, medium voltage) installation.


CTI Africa carries out your studies of fire protection, GPL use, the impacts envirionnementaux, remote sensing ...


Our company monitors all works regarding her projects.

We have a particular attention to answer the lacks of agriculture in Africa.
Helping the agriculturist to have a perennial, constant and all year long production is a big source of motivation.

Initially present in Niger, CTI Africa is mobilizing its efforts to extend its coverage in West Africa.
Indeed, West Africa is composed of countries that have similar needs.